DWW Member Books

Member Books

Anger, Linda C.: Sweeping the Floors in the Full Crumb Cafe (poetry, fiction, essays)

Ahnen, Pearl Kastran:  Revealed by Fire (memoir, history)

Burns, Virginia Law:  Bold Women in Michigan History (history, non-fiction)

Buzzelli, Elizabeth: Dead Little Dolly, Dead Dancing Women, Dead Floating Lovers, Dead Sleeping Shaman, Dead Dogs and Englishmen (Emily Kincaid mysteries)

Elster, Jean Alicia: The Colored Car, Who’s Jim Hines? (young adult)

Field, Ellyce:  Michigan Family Field Trips–Fun Sites for Kids
(travel, University of Michigan Press, 2008 to present)
Detroit Kids Catalog Series (Wayne State University Press, 1990-2003)

Foster, Linda Nemec
Amber Necklace from Gdansk (poetry)
Contemplating the Heavens (fine arts poetry chapbook plus a CD inspired by the poems)
Listen to the Landscape
(poetry, photography)
Living in the Fire Nest
Talking Diamonds (poetry) also available at www.spdbooks.org
Ten Songs from Bulgaria
(poetry, chapbook)

Grunow, Melissa:  Realizing River City: A Memoir

Hagan, Cathleen (writing as C. S. Gordon) The Hart and Horn (literary fiction)

Hampel, Cindy: It’s Not Personal: Lessons I’ve Learned from Dealing with Difficult Behavior (personal vignettes offering hopeful spiritual lessons hidden in difficult situations)

Harrison, CynthiaBlue Heaven, The Paris Notebook (contemporary women’s fiction), Your Words, Your Story (beginning writer’s guide), Sister Issues (contemporary women’s fiction)

House, Darlene Remarkable Reprints (articles, columns, essays)

La Ferle, Cindy:  Writing Home (essays)

Madgett, Naomi Long:  Pilgrim Journey (autobiography)

Marzolf, Marion: Shuttle in Her Hand (historical fiction)

Solak, Nancy: A Footpath in Umbria: Learning, Loving & Laughing in Italy (memoir, CreateSpace 2010)

Stiles, Martha Bennett: Sailing to Freedom, Island Magic (picture book), Lonesome Road (fiction), One Among the Indians (young adult, fiction). Contact Martha to order. Phone 859.335.6502 or email her at mstilesky@msn.com.

Tell, Robert: Dementia Diary (non-fiction), Thirsty Planet (fiction)

Watson, Elaine:  Circa 1925 (memoir, also available for Kindle at Amazon.com)