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As you might expect from a writing organization founded in June of 1900 that has stood the test of time, members of Detroit Working Writers are top-notch and productive. Each month in this space we’ll feature posts on writing advice, marketing tips, publication news and more. If you’re a DWW member with a new publishing credit, tips or news to share, we want to hear from you! Please email DWW’s President, Cindy Hampel, at president@detworkingwriters.org, and we’ll feature you in a future post. To read the latest news from our members, just click on a photo below.


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Doing Your Own Thing by Cindy LaFerle

The secret to success in any creative venture, column writing included, is finding your own voice and sharing your unique view of the world. But being original is tricky these days — especially now that we’re all exposed to so many other voices, trends, and ideas.

Review: Using Scrivener for Family History and Memoir Writing by Laura Hedgecock

“Because it’s known as a novel tool, I approached it from the standpoint of using it for Memoir and family history.” What is Scrivener? Scrivener is a writing software that helps writers organize research, notes, and drafts, or, as Scrivener puts it, “See the forest or the trees.” It can even help with story-boarding.

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